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90% Success Rate
Experienced Field Agents
24-72 Hours on Field Chases
"We Are Your Eyes and Ears In the Field  -  We Give Results NOT  Excuses" - Field Pro

Field Pro welcomes this opportunity to explain how we can better serve your organization.

We are an innovative field service company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. With over 20 years of experience serving large banks, credit unions, auto finance and mortgage companies through the ups and downs of all types of markets, Field Pro has, no doubt, earned the status of Field Professionals in the field services industry.

Our organization is designed to improve client/customer/collateral relationships. Repossession and foreclosure costs erode loan balances. Field Pro strives to bridge the gap between clients and their customers, and create win-win relationships through highly, effective communication. We have a knack for winning. By using Field Pro, you will be demonstrating the commitment you have towards sustaining your portfolio and valuing customer relationships.

We are confident that our field service programs can accommodate the type of business results that you anticipate this year. Our professional relationship with you will provide an effective communication channel for you and your customers immediately.

Assist clients in maximizing their portfolio returns by simply rendering our best in innovative field services.